Builders have commenced work on refurbishment of the iconic Pumphouse Point site at Lake St Clair. After decades of inactivity, the former Hydro pump-station is being restored as a boutique wilderness retreat inside Tasmania’s World Heritage Area.

Devonport-based construction company Mead-Con are working through the challenging winter weather of Tasmania’s central highlands to reinvigorate the two 1940s buildings: the Pumphouse sitting out in the water and the Lakehouse on the lake’s edge.

For project developer and tourism leader Simon Currant, this is the culmination of almost 20 years of planning. “We’re very excited to see this project finally launch,” Mr Currant said. “These beautiful buildings have been neglected for so long and now we’re bringing them back to life.”

Award-winning Tasmanian architecture firm Cumulus have designed the transformation from industrial relic to immersive wilderness retreat. “The history of Pumphouse Point is very important to the overall experience and we plan to celebrate its heritage,” Mr Currant said. “The exterior of the buildings is spectacular and will be preserved with the construction occurring inside.”

The Pumphouse building sits out in the middle of the lake in our globally recognised world heritage area, a unique tourism proposition for national and international audiences. “We are pleased to have support from both major political parties, enabling us to develop a truly world-class wilderness experience.” Mr Currant said. “The team at the Parks & Wildlife Service have been fantastic and are very supportive of our project.”

Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania chief executive officer Luke Martin said “this is just the sort of new and exciting attraction our State needs. It showcases Tasmania’s wilderness and industrial heritage in one stunning and very unique location. We are confident Pumphouse Point will add to the buzz surrounding our wilderness world heritage areas.”

Pumphouse Point will offer simple, stylish comfort in 18 rooms ranging from $240 to $480, including bed, breakfast and a range of outdoor activities.