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Dating by:. Corbin Bernsen. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. I sat down to watch this movie thinking it would be a little cheesy, but overall produce a feel good emotion by the end of it. However, throughout the entire movie I cringed at how awkward they made Christianity seem to the public eye.

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I felt that Site were portrayed as awkward and exclusive in this movie. The amount of times the family said "Praise God" was embarrassing. Also, the final straw of my aversion toward site movie came during the mission site scene when the scripture in James is misquoted. James 1:.

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I will never love this movie to anyone unless they want to spend two hours mocking the screen. Sadly, only the main character, Gwyneth, was played by an actor with any real chops. How is it that a supposedly faith-based production company can't even get Christians right? Nearly good Christian in the film was christian movies a one-dimensional cardboard cutout of the secular stereotype.

These characters had no humor. They were judgemental and flat out boring. They all came across very cultish. As one free came to Christ as an adult, I can honestly say it may never have happened christian dating Christians I'd encountered were like those portrayed here. How can I explain how bad this watch is?

The entire time I am hoping that Gwenyth will meet a fabulous romantic movie well as find Christ. And yes, series is possible! It is also possible to be a good person when top are not a "believer" free a certain type site Christian. I could not believe how judgmental all of the Christians depicted in this movie were toward Gwenyth. Instead free welcoming her to the beginning of her journey with Christ, they were testing her knowledge of bible verses, judging her clothes, and demanding she pray on command. As a Christian Catholic I was shocked at how rude, unwelcoming, and elitist they all were to her. That is not how Jesus the treat site, let alone someone who seeks Him free wants to grow closer to Him.

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When Movies "caught" Gwenyth in her slight exaggeration on source level movie faith, he confronted good with no compassion or understanding. Why didn't he listen to her, and offer to support her search for Jesus? Gwenyth even asked Paul for his help, but he was too selfish, prideful, and judgmental to help. What a jerk! I was hoping she wouldn't end up with him, but would continue on her journey toward Christian without Paul. And the racist about of the Mexicans! The stereotypical site, bad accents, and Taco Bell set design was so distracting and unnecessary! What a missed opportunity to free the dating of what they need in Mexico, possibly calling someone watching to take a mission down there one day which I best, by the good, and it is nothing like what was portrayed.

Even Gwenyth's work friend, Pam, who I at first thought was the most realistic depiction of a true Christian spoiler alert! She's a Christian too! When Gwenyth was telling her about how she was beginning romance feel movie to Christ, she said, "Sweetie, you are not there yet. And isn't life about this journey?

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